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Final Verification Testing of eBumper Complete!

The verification testing of eBumper 4 was completed successfully early this week! To ensure that eBumper works successfully in a variety of environments and responds to many different surfaces, we secured a hangar space not far from the office where we had access to brick walls, glass doors, metal railings, and even a large turbine engine! We've logged hundreds of flight hours over the last weeks flying all over the large hanger, outside and a variety of settings inside buildings and offices.

The power of eBumper became very apparent to the pilots and beta testers when the Phantom started to get further and further away from them. With eBumper, flying along a wall or through an archway over 30 feet away becomes significantly less daunting. Just knowing it is there to help you navigate those tight spaces when its difficult to judge distances and angles is an awesome feeling. The time spent flying in these unfamiliar environments helped us verify the eBumper performance in its two modes: Precision and Performance. This has been long overdue, but check out the pictures and video below!

Video: Select clips from final verification testing of the Panoptes eBumper - Auto T/O - Obstacle detection and return to safety at multiple speeds (profile view) - Wall following (view from above)