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Meet eBumper4:  Explore With Confidence

See how eBumper4 makes it easier and safer to fly near things.

What It Does


Fly as usual when there are no obstacles nearby.


When eBumper4 senses an obstacle in its field of view, it activates to reduce the likelihood of a collision.


eBumper4 “bumps” the drone away from the obstacle and returns control to the operator.

Supported Aircraft

eBumper4 is available for the DJI Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, Phantom 2 Vision+ and the 3DR Iris+.
Want it on your aircraft? Let us know!

3DR Iris+

3DR Iris+

DJI Phantom 2 Line of Drones (Base, Vision, and Vision+ models)

DJI Phantom 2 Line of Drones (Base, Vision, and Vision+ models)

Obstacle Avoidance

eBumper4 uses echolocation (like bats or dolphins do) to detect obstacles as you fly. When the sensors detect an obstacle, eBumper4 slows your drone down to make sure it stops before something unfortunate happens.

Beta version of Phantom eBumper shown.

Beta version of Phantom eBumper shown.

Precision Control

eBumper4 helps you navigate your environment a little easier, so you can fly in places you may not have dared to go before.

  • Auto-Takeoff:  Take off and hover to 6 feet off the ground with the literal flip of a switch. No more unfortunate encounters with your living room ceiling.
  • Self-Centering:  Automatically centers the drone when flying between two objects.
  • Indoor Mode:  Finely control the position and speed of your drone when you're in tight spaces. Of course, you'll still have collision protection if you get too close.
  • Outdoor Mode:  Fly at higher speeds with collision protection in less cluttered environments.


eBumper is designed as a retrofit kit that attaches to pre-existing interfaces on your drone, and installs in about 10-20 minutes.  Here are the main installation steps for the eBumper on the DJI Phantom.

Beta version of Phantom eBumper shown.


The following specifications assume that the aircraft on which eBumper is installed is operated within the manufacturers limitations. Exceeding manufacturer recommendations (e.g. exceeding maximum payload weight) may reduce the eBumper's effectiveness.

Detection Range: 

Maximum Collision Protection Speed:

Field of View of Sensors:

Sensed Directions:

Reduction in Flight Time with eBumper:

Net Weight Increase:

Blind Spots Between Sensors:

Supported Aircraft Types:

Required Interfaces:


5kts (8.5ft/s)

40 degrees cone

Forward, left, right and up

2-3 minutes

130 grams

50 degrees

DJI Phantom 2 Product Line, 3D Robotics Iris+

NAZA Flight controller (maintains full I/O support with eBumper installed) or Pixhawk

More Information CominG

We’re putting the finishing touches on our instructional videos, manuals, and installation guide for eBumper4, and we’ll make them available soon. Contact us in the meantime if you have any questions about eBumper4!